4 Elements to A Great Web Design

Just having a functional website doesn’t necessarily make a great web design for it doesn’t end there. The question is, is your website serving its full purpose? Do you give off the right impression for your organization/brand? And lastly, how is your audience navigating your website? These are the kind of questions you should be asking if you want to have a great web design. Now, let us give you the basic elements of what makes a website great and how the function could be just right. 


Element #1: Visuals.

Pay attention to your overall layout and visual appearance. Just like everything else, first impressions matter. You have to pay close attention to the appearance of your website. Good visuals build good credibility, which results in having a website of high quality. Everything matters; from your color choice, the images you put, even your font choice. Make sure that it has a clean layout and that your colors complement each other. This is essential for a cohesive appearance that is pleasing to the eyes and draws the viewer in. And if you are considering having images, ensure the photos you choose are high quality. 


Element #2: Navigation

Think about the usability of your website. Hard-to-navigate websites will limit their functionality. As a rule, you shouldn’t force your users to think when they are navigating your website. Keep it simple. It should be beginner-friendly, self-explanatory, and obvious to them. And another thing to keep in mind is to make sure that your website is fully optimized for speed. People are used to having things in an instant and will get frustrated when websites are slow to load. If you make them wait, you will lose your prospects and future clients. 


Element #3: Text

Everything boils down to content. It is important to make sure you get your point across in just a short amount of time. Avoid having heavy text for people who normally scan rather than read the whole thing. Make use of effective writing and get your point across quickly. You never know for how long you can hold your viewer’s attention, but you can bet that it won't be for long.


Element #4 Layout adaptability. 

Make your website mobile device friendly. When you hear a notification for an email from your phone, do you view it on your phone? Tablet? Do you go straight to your laptop? Many websites neglect to optimize their phone or tablet layout orientation and this could hurt your output. The amount of effort you put into your website will be wasted as it won’t be viewed as you’ve intended it to. 


You cannot be a hundred percent sure that your audience will only view your website on a desktop with the vast technology readily available today. Quite the contrary, research shows that websites are viewed more on mobile devices than on a desktop or laptop. If that is the case, your priority should be the mobile layout. Your website should be viewable and readable to your audience no matter the layout or where it is viewed.