Interwest Technology Group welcomes Philippine freelancers

Diversity is an element that pushes every company to success. Interwest with its vision to be the IT partner of each business in Michigan has for years hired a lot of its employees from the Philippines working hand in hand with their experts in the USA as well. I'm writing from personal experience and how this company has helped me land my 1st international job. I have been working as a marketing professional for some of the top companies in the Ph but the pandemic happened and my need to keep my family safe which means working from home has been my top priority. For months I have been seeking an online position that will ensure my safety from the outside world and amazingly one day I have received a very heartwarming e-mail from Interwest Technology Group asking me to attend my interview with their General Manager. At the onset, I was very transparent that software tools are not my expertise and my strength lies heavily in Marketing Strategies. The GM still accepted my weakness and promised the company will walk hand in hand with me all throughout this journey -- which until now it does. 

This company has helped me expand my capabilities and build my confidence to just say YES! to whatever projects. They train people well and motivate them to the best version of themselves. 

Collaboration with my fellow Filipino freelancers has always been an enjoyable experience, it makes this journey even more fun to ride with. 


Thank you to my Interwest Technology Group Family!