Advantages of having a Website or Design Refresh

Websites are a necessity for all businesses and organizations. These help you let your presence be known to the public all over the world and are a useful way for your users to reach you at any given time of the day. Here are 3 main reasons why you should be thinking of upgrading your website and how we at Interwest could help you.


Setting a good impression.

An up-to-date and modern website design is like a friendly face that greets new customers. Your audience will judge you based on the first few moments of navigating. An unappealing and hard to navigate website hurts your organization. This reflects on you and your company. The attention you give to your website shows what you can do for your market. Do yourself a favor and don't settle for an outdated design. Instead, partner with Interwest. With our innovative and configurable designs, we can help you make the right decisions for your homepage and other web pages. This will elevate what you offer through thoughtful and practical planning to make it aesthetically pleasing to your audience. A well planned out website design will leave a lasting impression on your users. 


Stay ahead of your competitors.

It is natural for people to gravitate towards a well-structured house or facility. This same idea also applies to your website. Like a poorly constructed building, people don’t trust outdated websites. Your website needs to be in tip-top shape to ensure you build your credibility and your brand. The design is not the only thing that will be judged. Your users will also judge your website's functionality. When your users find your website hard to navigate, you are losing a hard-earned opportunity. They may lead them to your competitor’s website as they will close your tab before they reach what you offer. Let Interwest help you get ahead of the game. With extensive software technology experience, we can competently advise you on where you can improve. We want to help you build a solid foundation with our best practices in order to create a website that’s efficient and effective for your users.


Build trust with your audience.

We focus on you and your user’s relationship. We understand that community building is the main goal. We ensure that the programs provided will be a benefit to your users. We constant focus is to help you engage with your community better. As partners with previous clients, we have worked with them to ensure we understand their business and their clients. We build on that knowledge to tailor a system that will deliver the most value to both our customer and their clients. We understand that all efforts need to drive to a win/win scenario to ensure a relationship with clients that will last far beyond the first impressions.