Outsourcing to your own IT Partner may be one of the best business decisions you will ever make. If you are still on the fence and still weighing on your pros and cons–let us help you clear that out. Here are the common myths and misconceptions our clients often encounter.


Myth #1. Outsourcing is a waste of money.


Rather than an expense, outsourcing is usually an investment for your business. By contracting, you are cutting down administrative costs. This means you won’t need to provide office space. It won’t add to your electricity bill. And you won’t need to worry about training or managing the people involved. You are already hiring professionals that get the job done. The great thing about partnering with Interwest is that you are using your money right. Don’t worry about unnecessary expenses! You'll be sure to be working within your budget and get your money’s worth for we bill you as we work on your upgrades. Rest assured that you won't be overextending your means.


Myth #2. Hiring an IT Partner is only for big companies or organizations.


Clients often think that hiring us would only benefit them if they were from a big company. Small and medium-sized businesses can also have the same advantage. We have worked with corporations, counties, as well as small businesses. Our services can be customized to fit any company size. Whether you are from a large organization or a startup company, we have experience in providing cost-efficient services for you.


Myth #3. In-house developers are better than remote developers.


People often believe that if they want to get something done, they need to be there and see the project through. They think that if developers are out of their sight, they’re unmotivated, uncontrollable, and unaccountable. While this can be true, we take steps at Interwest to ensure you always have insight into what is being done. We are always on to answer any of your concerns and to provide consulting advice whenever you need it. We aim to be great partners dedicated to upholding the same quality standards that you do for your business. Therefore, you can expect faster turnarounds with effective project management from us.


Myth #4. Your data will be at risk.


We take it as our responsibility to ensure data security is the least of your problems when you have us as your IT partner. We understand that our client’s information is their life-blood and we treat it with utmost care and importance. We want to be part of your team to help your business or organization grow. We will also provide consultation on how you can better or improve your security. 


Myth #5. Software development is a predictable linear process.


OK, maybe this isn't a myth as a great percentage of software projects fail spectacularly. Because InterWest retains a high focus on outcomes, requirements discipline, and timely and effective communication throughout each project we have been able to "hack" this myth and deliver for our customers each and every time. All projects are run from the perspective of leaving lasting value for our client. We work with you as a part of your extended team. This enables us to better understand the challenges that you are facing. Although every problem is unique, many of them rhyme with things we have seen before. We’re here to extend your experience and competence and help you achieve meaningful solutions.